Anyone else is going through a break up from a long term relationship?

My girlfriend of 5 years and I broke up a couple weeks ago because things didn't work out but it hasn't been easy for me even though it was a mutual break up. Anyone else going through the same thing? Has it been hard for you?
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  • 3 months later and I'm still going through it. It sucks when something reminds you of them, like a song or something you both use to do together. My ex's birthday is at the end of this week so that's going to suck too and it's going to feel weird. It has bern hard because I don't have anyone else who I shared the same bond with. At the end of the day, they're an ex for a reason and life goes on.

    • That is exactly what is happening to me. I dont have anyone else who I shared the same bond wit either! You couldnt have said it better. And you're right they are ex's for a reason. But we have to learn to let go and thats lofe right?

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    • Thank you. We will get through this

    • Yes we will! There's better people out there for us!

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  • Its been 2 years with me sinc we broke up we still in the middle of getting over or being friends after 4 years relationship. it really hard especially if love is still there


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  • My Last Girl (Of Five Years) Dumped Me For A Guy She Works With, They Date Now, Over Time iGot Over It & Im Doing Much Better...


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