What does it mean when my ex-boyfriend lied about our relationship?

My BF and I broke up 2.5 months ago. He said "it was him not me, that he doesn't have anything bad to say about me and he doesn't know where his head is." All this was after a 6-month relationship and several trips together. We just got back from a week long Caribbean cruise. 2 weeks after the break up his ex GF emailed me through Facebook asking what my deal was? I was contacting my ex for my things he promised to bring to me. She told me he was lying about mine and his relationship... example: he told her we sat at home watching tv for Valentine's day and he was bored. Totally not true - we took his 3 kids bowling. He also tod her he didn't introduce his kids to me until march when it was actually January. After he dropped off my big stuff he texted me and said it was nice to see me. Still has my other items though. But why would he lie to his EX GF about me and our relationship? I know he wants to get back with her and as of today they are dating I believe. He told me he loved and missed me everyday. Could he be holding my things as a reason to contact me later? Why would he lie?
Anybody believe in karma in situations like this? I just want to know why men would lie like this.
Also... my ex lied to his ex girlfriend for the record.


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  • This guy obviously can't tell the truth to save his life. Even if he is lying to her now to avoid upsetting her, or to try and cover his tracks, fact is he is a liar. There is no good reason for lying to anyone when it comes to relationships. He may be holding on to some of your things as a way to contact you in the future, but why would you want him to? You know for a fact he is now lying to someone he is dating, and hate to say this, but had probably lied to you in some way about whatever during YOUR relationship. I recently split with someone who couldn't tell the truth about anything and each lie I found out about, no matter how "small" or "white-lie" it was, just chipped away at any trust I could have had for him. He did that to himself, and I wonder if he knows his ex, who he's now dating again, has reached out to you like this. Don't engage with her any longer, he's her problem now. Decide if whatever things he still has of yours is important or not. If it is, contact him and tell him you need it back now, and then delete him completely from your life and move on. If it's not worth it, then just proceed with the completely deleting him and moving on. And block her from contacting you. It's not fair AT ALL for her to be putting you in that position. She already knows he can't be trusted, and it's ridiculous for her to be trying to verify he still cannot be trusted through you, like you have no feelings. Good luck to you!

    • Thx!! Yes the man has my passport and other things. He said he mailed them 2 months ago. I still don't have them.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, He Lied To His Ex Because It Sounds Like He doesn't Want Her Upset With Him, Meaning She Possibly Still Has His Heart, Maybe You Were A Rebound...


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  • Why is his ex so curious about your ex relationship?

    • He lied to her during their relationship. She wanted to see if he was telling the truth. Obviously not. He lied to her about his ex wife and him talking to her (about the kids). But he needs to communicate with the ex if only for the kids right?