I can't stand school because of my ex how do I cope with it?

My ex and I broke up over the summer and I still want her back. I still am in love with her and now school started. I keep thinking about her all day and when I see her in the halls I just get so sad and it kills my mood. To make matters worse I have a class with her which is something we always wanted while we dated. How do I deal with this I want her back more than anything and I know being sad and depressed won't help with anything. We broke up because our relationship wasn't healthy at the time and she went away and decided to end it. It wasn't violent or anything and neither was the break up. How can it be less awkward how can I need help seeing her is killing my mood


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  • Your "masculinity" drops when you need a girl so badly, as she sees you as a very weak person, which makes her "feminenity" increases which makes her feel that she need a "strong" masculine man to pursue her and meet her supposed status.
    If you need this girl back seriously , i suggest you start dating other girls for her to see you have moved and that she means nothing to you anymore. If you start dating other girls you would realise most of the girls you would date are amazing than your gf.
    I personaly don't like the idea of getting back with a gf who broke up with me for I have my dignity to protect. Why do you want a gf who doesn't love you and may even cheat on you once you get back again for you to be depressed.
    Start dating other girls dude.

    • How does one deal with the weakening feeling they get when they see an ex

    • I am no expert with these issues.
      On how I tackle these weakening feeling, well, what I do is, when I should see my "supposed ex-gf", I degrade her in my minds "eye" or in my thoughts; I see her to be unworthy of me or her begging on her knees to get back together with me or it could be that, i imagine her sucking my cock and i am pulling her or i am pounding her ass (yeah, this could sound a bit extreme but it works for me). When you should see or meet her, Just have thoughts of her in situation where you feel more dominant as i described above.
      Do you get me?
      English is not my language.
      Or do you understand me?

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  • If your still in love with her getting another girlfriend is not going to help. Deal with the issue at hand - you still love her! Do you want to date her again?
    Why did you break up? Who broke up with who and how long was the relationship?

    • She broke up with me, the relationship was 10 months. She went away and decided our relationship was un healthy because we fought a good amount. I was stressed about my mom who was sick which she didn't know at the time. I want to do date her because I think she's amazing. I could've done so much better and I realize that now all I want is for her to be happy and I want to make her happy. If we had another shot it would be so different. I don't know how to get her to want to get back together though. If I wait too long she may go for another guy and at this point I see every guy she talks to that aren't my friends as someone who Will mess up my chances of getting her back. Like she's talking to her ex again. I just need a solid plan to get her back that won't take too long and isn't too forward

    • Her ex cheated on her and treated her very badly so I don't know if she'll easily get back with him but he's the most I'm afraid of. Around her I'm calm and chill. I barely message her. I went to the hospital recently and she got pretty concerned with what was going on so I know she cares which is a good thing. If I'm doing all this then how can I now get her to warm up to me again and then eventually make the push to get her back

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  • Find a hotter new girlfriend. Problem solved.

    • Great advice except I think she's the hottest

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    • That's great fine maybe there are better girls than her and I'm probably just missing get life crazy and yeah everything is fine when I don't see her but the moment I do everything just comes rushing back. I can't avoid her she's in my classes

    • So focus on getting that hotter chick. Hell,
      Get two

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