Long distance relationship for 4 years, recently my ex girlfriend left me for someone else. But her signals are still confusing me! advices please?

She and I were in a relationship for 4 years. Absolutely not easy circumstances but we got throught it well, But she left me for someone else on July, telling me she already stopped loving me few monthes ago and she met another guy on June. It was that she didn`t lose me until she found someone else as I was always sincere to her despite of LDR.

We talked after 3 weeks of no contact. As mentioned, she officially left me on July. But she and her new boyfriend seem to rush with super sonic speed. Her boyfriend already wants to live with her. She told him she still needs time to feel better about us. She even told she is watching our pictures and remembering the memories. And even that she thought of living with me forever until the last moment.

Then I told her it is better if we lose contact itself. Then she told it is not a good idea as we shared true love once. And she told she will visit me on some monthes later without her boyfriend. I asked "for what?" and she told we need to talk face to face. Then I asked what I am to her. She told she doesn't know what she is so naturally can't know what I am.
I got over her and lose contact completely even if she was my first love. But somehow I feel seeing her for the last time is not a bad idea. What I am supposed to do? Is she still playing with me?


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  • Sorry man, that really sucks. You should break all contact with her and definitely don't see her again. She's being super selfish just by mentioning she wants to see you. She only wants to see you because she feels guilty for what she did. I find it sad that she's considering moving in with this guy when she has known him for less than a month and she never did the same for you after 4 years (all that shows to me is lack of effort on her part). She fucked up, let her go.


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  • Move on! Fuck her! She's using you as a back up plan just in case her new relationship doesn't work out. She already stated she stopped loving you. And if it was "true love" she would have never left you. Now pick yourself up and go find a woman who looks better then her and treats you better. Good luck.

  • This is easy. MOOOOOVE ON! There's millions of people out there, and the options are endless. She left you for another person, and there's no saying that it won't happen again. You're being treated like and option, and zero fucks need to be given on your end. Screw those balls of yours back on, and go get what you deserve. It's not going to come to you. You gotta go get it!


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