Guys please answer this, because I need to make a choice so I need your wise answer thanks!!! Why do you do this?

So my ex and I went back and forth over email about our breakup, after my last email telling him how I loved him, he didn't reply and 3 days later, he text me now saying "hi and how am I? What the fuck is this? Mind games or what? Should I reply?


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  • email , now email is formal.
    Electronic - mail.

    Text however, is not , its a text message meant for informal communication.

    So my guess is he's feeling the water here to see if its safe to try things again I reckon.

    • U think so? I mean after me spilling my guts out to him and him not replying to me is making me think this is game already so I am debating on replying

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    • What? Lol. I don't know hun. He made me sulk and feel bad that I spilled my feelings to him, and he never said anything till now on text saying "what's up" is this mind games or what?

    • that's a shit text msg.
      I give him a F , E for effort

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  • He probably did not get your email. Instead of accusing him of playing mind guys, why don't you ask him if he got the message? If he does not reply to that, then just do not text him anymore. Whatever you do, don't say "don't fucking text me anymore" because maybe he just misunderstood something.


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