Found my ex on this dating site, after he's been texting me here and there. Should I be upset?

He' insist to me to be in his life he has told me how much our breakup has affected him, via email we spoke about it and i told him I loved him. He never reply after that. Today he text me saying hello, then I reply he didn't... So... story of life. I found him on a dating site... I was about to go off on him telling him to stop playing mind games. But I didn't. Instead I took myself off every social media he has me on and I'm going MIA


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  • You really don't have right to be upset. You're broken up. You don't have to like it, but you do have to accept it. His dating account could be old for all you know and if he's texting you, he does on some level miss you and your relationship, but that doesn't mean he's sure he wants to or should get back with you.
    Either way, you should date other people

    • No it's new, he deleted when we started dating, and he told me as of lately all he's been doing is "working hard" and having a hard time getting over us, doesn't look like it

    • Ah. Not good that he lied, but it doesn't suggest anything sinister. Not wanting your ex to know about you dating is common

    • He may still want you, but he doesn't have all his eggs in one basket. And he shouldn't, neither should you. You should be dating other people.

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  • welll.. it seeems you were on that dating site aswell?


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  • As long as you two are still off, then getting upset about it is a bad idea. You're currently not his gf so you dont really have the right to demand anything.


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