What the Heck? I don't understand people!!?

I dated a guy for a year and a half, we lived together just about the whole time and well, it just didn't work out. No cheating or anything, just fought too much, etc. Anywho, I loved his family. I was closer to them than I was him!!! His mom and I spent a lot of time together, we'd chat on the phone, his brother and I were buddies... It's one month post breakup, the family has had nothing but nice things to say to me, that they are shocked, to keep my head up, that if I need them they're there, kind of thing. I was scrolling through the messages on my Facebook and notice my ex, his brother, and his mom's names are blacked out! They've blocked me!!! What the heck? I can understand if someone defriends you... that's understandable, but to BLOCK someone! I haven't even done anything wrong, haven't harrassed them OR my ex! This is just mean and stupid! Why would they block me? I have a feeling it's at my exes request, what a jerk.


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  • Blood is thicker than water, of course they're going to do as he requested. They're his family, not yours.

    • 'nuff said

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    • And I haven't tried to contact them... I'm just saying if I wanted to I could via their phones. Just stupid

    • They can block your number too.

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