Need some girls opinions?

Did I screw myself really bad?
So about 7 weeks ago my ex broke up with me and I'm finding out a few reasons why. Now I plan to talk to her I just want to get an idea of if I screwed myself or not.

Now I have personally been going through a lot and I guess you can say I leaned in my ex. I just needed emotional support. My dad is sick with a debilitating disease and hasn't been doing good since February, my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, my parents are having financial problems, I'm having kidney/bladder problems etc..

Now I asked for her to be there and might have came across as needy and weak and I think she lost attraction. I just didn't want to lose her and that was my biggest fear. She also might have felt I was holding her back because I was "needy". But I was never like this and really just needed support. Everything I did before we broke up was all unintentional (btw we dated almost 2 years)

Now that were back at school she approached me and wanted to talk.( this was Friday and I still haven't heard from her). The only bad thing I ever did intentionally to hurt her was last week bring a girl home from a bar infribt of her. I know I was an asshole but honestly I'm hurt and I'm trying to get over it and I realize now that wasn't the best way.

And when I do talk to her I want her to know all this and that I want to try again with a different kind of relation ship that is more healthy. Do I come off as desperate if I ask this?
someone please give me an opinion and read the comment below and tell me what they think. THankjs


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  • So sorry for your string of bad health with your family.. and no you wouldn't seem desperate you just need to be honest with her and tell her everything.. why you did it ect: she may be hurt but the best thing you can do is explain to her otherwise how is she going to no how you feel and what you want.. p. s. dont go running to your ex for future support go to your gf

    • i do want her back but do you think telling her will push her farther away?

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    • i was always a pushover throughout our relationship. i want to get the point across I'm not like that anymore. i planned on saying if you want to be with me now is your last chance and if she said no i would walk away and we couldn't be friends because i have to many feelings for her.

      i wanted to tell her this if she says no what do you think. "one day your going to realize that i truly unconditionally cared for you and loved you. i can promise that your going to miss me always being there for you, putting up with you and refusing to give up on you. the sad part is i still haven't given up on you but after today i have to learn to start to. one day your going to regret the way i was treated. i feel you took advantage of me toward the end and it wast right. and things might be going right now but i can promise you when you are stressed out and you turn around i won't be staring there. Right now you might think I'm worthless to you but i can promise you that your not going to realize

    • (Cont.) how good i was to you until I'm priceless to someone else. good bye and i wish you nothing but the best. if you ever need me ill be here for you but thats it "

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