Can you bring back attraction and how?

My ex broke up with me alittle less than and I want her back. I was having a hard time dealing with serious personal things and might have came off as clingy but I really just needed help. I think she might have saw that as a weakness and lost attraction. How do I get it back? I always treated her like gold on our relationship so I know I wasn't wrong in that respect. Any ideas?

by the way I'm a 20y male and she's a 20y female


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  • If you needed her & she wasn't there for you & you treated her right? Fuck her. Ijs. But odds are if a person breaks it off they have to be the one to want the other person back. because if you just begg her back into a relationship she wasn't feeling in the first place you'll get more hurt when she finally reaches the breaking It off point again.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Try Talking To Her, Express Your Feelings & See How She Takes It. Maybe Tell Her You Won't Be Clingy, You Can't Force Her Back In The Relationship So If She Rejects You iStrongly Suggest Moving On. It Will Be Difficult At First But Over Time You Will Feel Better...

    • She told me she lost feeling for me back in March when all of that stuff started happening. Do you think it's unfixable or eventually in time it might work itself out

    • So she can only love you when you are happy go lucky and all is perfect?

      Sounds like a keeper.

    • Your right my problems is I try to find the good in people

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