Its been 5 months and I can't get him out of my head?

Sorry if this is long but I don't know who else to ask. We went out for a while and it was great, he supported me, cared for me, treated me like a queen but it started going downhill. That happened at times, yes, but never did it come to the point of an end. He told me he needed a break saying he liked another girl. I was hurt. But he was still in my life. I started hearing things like he didn't like her and he'd only bring her up when I was around. I was going to switch schools and he was staying their and I know that scared him. We still hung out. He teased me and got jealous when I hung out with other guys. Sometimes we'd text and he'd admit that the stupidest thing he ever did was fall for a girl he used to like. And my bestfriend kept getting texts saying that he'd told her that he couldn't be without me. I kissed a guy over the summer, one that I should've liked. But i missed the guy, and he keeps coming back just enough to keep me waiting. I know he cares but when is it time to give up?


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  • So this girl that he liked when you two were dating was a former crush?

    • yes, he had liked her in the past

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    • actually he seems to hate her

    • Wait I thought you said he wanted to take a break because he liked another girl?

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