Broke up with my ex do to misjudgment, been a month and a half. Want back?

So i Dated a girl for 8 months. she's an awesome girl but has some emotional baggage but I also have some issue from past. Anyways, About a month leading up to the end of the relationship, I had some family problems and we both were stressed about work. On top of that she was getting jealous about thing that came out of the blue and didn't even happen. So our relationship was going through hard times. Finally one day i had a shitty day at work, more family issues and then She was freaking out over nothing. I got some frustrated with everything I ended it with her. At this time she didn't want to accept that we broke up. This went on for a couple days. No through most of the relationship she always stated how much she cared and loved being with me. A couple weeks after breaking up we were still talking but she lost her job and was being super down. I tried to be positive for her but no go. We then we went a couple week with out talking and she totally started being rude and what not to me. She got a new job in this time. Well present time about a week ago I started to try to text her and asked to meet in person and she said she would. well i went to eat out with a female friend and someone saw me downthere and told my ex. the next day when i texted her she freaked out on me and asked why i was talking to her when i was going on dates, i tried to explain but she had her wall up again and was being mean again. i kept asking to meet up just to talk like adult but she shot me down. While arging she stated she was "seeing" someone. One night i wrote a letter and dropped it off at her house stating what happened during break up and what not but dont thing she rid it. i ended up talking to her for like 30 minutes on the phone after and her voice was very crackled and emotional sounding. since then haven't heard from her. Sent a thing of flower to her say have a good day, and wrote another message about my true feelings about her, i still haven't heard from her?


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  • Aye! Aye! Yo! Come-com'r. Psst. Okay n'ah here wha cha do. Move the fuck on!! Relationship does not build on emotions alone. A dead relationship is when your stressed and she's happy and vice versa. No matter what happen through the months both'ya motha sucks wasn't ready. And she's the type that'll only come up problems more so than solutions. Now what? Huh? now you listen here. You broke up with girl now you want her back? For what? It's like going back in a burning build'n for yo stu, nothing good comes from fire is all I'm say'n.


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