Why when you tell your ex that you don't want to be contact by them as they ask "why not"? Read the small details and tell me pls!!

So he wanted to stay friends but he would text me every other week saying what's oh and when I say hi back he wouldn't reply, then.. Tells me he's having trouble with out breakup to then find him on a dating site, so I got upset and said do not contact me anymore the fucker says " mmm why is that"? Should I tell him why or should
I give him the silent treatment?


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  • He needs to get a clue. I always give the silent treatment when a man is stupid. I don't have the time or energy. Let him work hard to get you back.

    • Yup, he kept texting me every other week or day saying what's up and wouldn't reply, so I got fed up and out of nowhere I said , don't contact me anymore, and he asked why, but I didn't reply and took myself off every social media... Silent treatment. Fuck

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