Is my ex girlfriend playing mindgames?

So me and my ex girlfriend of 3 years broke up after a huge unexpected fight the night before I was moving to a new city across the country. We would still be together if I didn't have to move for a job offer. She began giving me mixed signal shortly after then she called me a month after on my birthday at 11:58 to wish me a happy birthday. We also lived together for 2/3 years we were together. so a few weeks ago we talked for hours on the phone until she feel asleep like we did in the beginning of our relationship. A few day after we talks for a couple of hoursand she siad she had something to tell me she told me she was going to start dating a high school friend who had been chasing her our whole relationship. I was shocked and hurt. So later on that week I FB her and told her I was willing to relocate back across the country to save our relationship. She texted 10 min later saying she was in a relationship and didn't love me anymore. Then 10 min after her new bf called me and asked me to leave her alone. I was crushed but over her. Two days after she called and asked was I ok? And explaind that she wasn't in love with this new guy and that she didn't mean what she said about not loving me and that she didn't want to loose me and started crying. I said I would try but it was unlikely cause I still loved her with all my heart. A few days later she post it's confirmed, I'm going to be a mommy. My family called and asked me what's going on. I was clueless and crushed again. Later on that day I posted "y'all pray for me-feeling broken" she called me at 1:45M to explain that it was a FB challenge that got out of hand and started talking about the realtionship and how she knows she played a roll and the big fight she siad she compare me to her new guy and with I could have done something the new guy does and she explaind how she how she still thinks about me everyday and loves me but is confused about things.
So I explaind how much I have grow from the break up metally and financially completely changing my life around I went from a pot head to a personal banker at BOA and stop smoking WEED and playing video games. She siad again she is in love with me
He new bf is a high school friend who is 2 inchs taller than her at 5'5 I'm 6'6. He is also in the national guard as a MP he not as stylish and hansome as I am. This girl was madly in love with me and now we are here


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  • Im sorry but you lost me at her posting, "im going to be a mommy" ... is she serious? If not, what kind of head game is that. She's a very confused girl right now! What can you do? Back off completely and let her come to you! Not 3/4 of the way. Not 1/2 the way but ALL of the way. If she really loves you (as she probably does) then she'll show it. Although its possible she loves this other guy just as much and stuck in between not knowing whom to run to. Best thing you can do (as hard as it may be) is not to overly influence her to come back to you. If anything, act like you're moving on if she doesn't get her act together. Ya don't have to be mean but just be confidant that you're not gonna be her doormat and if she's willing to fix the relationship you had together, then you're all for it. You need to make it clear that her still living with him and you getting totally mixed signals is NOT whats going to get you back together. Honesty, forth-righteousness will!


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  • My opinion for what it is worth... this lady is a little confused and may be being 'controlled' to an extent by this other guy. Let's face it he has been stalking her for a long time. Your best way is to always be nice to her and simply get on with your life. Don't expect her to break away from this other guy unless she grows a backbone.
    If she really has strong feelings for you she will break away and let you know, but in reality she is in a game that you do not want to be involved in.
    Step back and don't participate or you will lose any respect she has for you.
    I learnt that life is a long journey and many things can happen, usually we get messed about by other people if we allow it.


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