Trade, Sex for Secrecy?

Girlfriend of 5 years and lived with for 3 cheated for two months and left me. I was devastated but we still speak and she says she loves me, doesn't know why she did it and will always regret. But doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone right now despite still loving me. We have lots of images and videos from there relationship. Is it acceptable to trade one last night of sex for the security of deleting all of the media?
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  • Why does she have to sleep with you in order for you to delete those pictures/videos? That is blackmail and it is wrong!

    • I've thought about what you've said a lot because I know fundamentally and morally what I suggested isn't on.

      I think it's because of the coldness and sudden end to the relationship I felt (and because she said) that she didn't care. This made me really upset for a while and made me question wether it was ever real. Now we've spoken a bit and she's divulged more of how she actually felt I wanted us to be able to do this so I could feel that she did love me and it was real so it could unlock those memories as happy ones rather than surrounded by doubt.

      So with sex being he most intimate action I wanted to feel that intimate connection again one last time. Then we can both part ways knowing it was real, ended badly, but ultimately he feelings were real and possibly just ran it's course.

      The images side was just a hook, possibly a bad idea though

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