The min I tell my ex to stop contacting me all of the sudden he wants to show concern? GUYS WHY IS HE DOING THIS?

we broke up about a month ago, I got tired of waiting for him to come around, and his push and pull it took me a lot to tell him to not contact me and now he's all curious to know why I do not want him talking to me, im giving him the silent treatment cus if I reply that'll be me giving to his GAME AGAIN.. why is he doing this?


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  • He just wants to see if he's able to get you to talk to him even though it's obvious you've decided not to contact him. He wants to know if he still has some sort of power over you. I mean, even the dumbest of the dumb would realize WHY someone doesn't want to talk to their ex after a breakup. So it's obvious that he knows why, he just wants to see if he's somehow able to get you to change your mind about it by acting as if he cares.

    • INTERESTING POINT DARLING... well he is use to me being at his call and reply at a snap of a finger, I said F this bye and now he's needs an explanation why? like really

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