GUYS: is there such thing as power trip? or reverser psychology when we tell you we do not want you any more that's when u want us most? B HONEST?

my ex was self mighty and I was always the one giving in, and always replying even when we were over, so I got tired and said do not reach out anymore and he replied asking why, I didn't reply NEXT DAY he text again saying what happen?, is he power tripping? since he can no longer have me on stand by?


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  • "You don't know what you got till it's gone" fits pretty well in this situation. Unfortunately sometimes guys (and girls) will take a relationship for granted, once you know you have something you tend to appreciate it less over time and feel like you have power to dictate it because you are less emotionally bound.

    This idea applies to a lot of things, not just relationships, but it can lead to some pretty huge power trips.

    • haha can't help but to laugh!!! he was whatever with me, and tables turn only thing is that this time I got tired and threw in the towel! let em sulk thanks for your awesome CLEAR enough input

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