He went back to his ex (i just don't get it)!?

I met this pretty wonderful guy last year and we hit it off immediately. He had just gotten out of a relationship, and normally I would have not gotten involved with someone in his situation, but we clicked immediately. My story is typical; we had so many things in common, we shared so many amazing moments (similar to scenes out of a movie, cheesy, I know). The thing is, we lived 8 hrs away from each other, so the entire relationship was long distance. It lasted a few months and then he told me that he was too busy to get involved seriously with me (his job required him to travel a lot). I understood where he was coming from, and I did what I could to move on. But I really liked him. I still like him.

Anyways we stayed friends and about 8 months after he ends things with me, I find out he went back to his ex. I was so surprised! I really thought they were over. And I just don't understand why he would go back to her when he could've had me! :P But his ex does live in the same town as him and they do see each other way more than he ever sees me. But it still hurts to think that after everything we shared, he went back to her.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


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  • It Doesn't Matter About Them Living Closer Together Or Seeing Each Other More Cause iGuarantee Vice Versa He Still Would Of Went Back To Her, His Feelings Were Deep For Her & He wasn't Ready To Let Go...


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