Abandoned wife today! Devastated?

Hi, my husband basically walked out on me and my 2 kids today! Kids are 12 and 8! My marriage has been on the rocks for over a year now, I knew he no longer loved me because he has left me over and over in the past 12 months! Then I cry, say I can't cope just to get him to come home! I'm gutted but going to save my pride this time and leave it! How can I move on? Who would want a 32 year old woman with 2 young kids in toe? He was always jealous! Checking my phone, accusing me of cheating! I've had enough but I think I'll be alone for good now


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  • I'm 36. I divorced my ex wife & took full custody of our son because of her drinking & drug problem. That was 2 years ago, & we haven't heard or seen her since then. I don't go out looking for dates, but I do get a couple of offers from time to time.

    My problem isn't fear of being alone, it's bringing someone around my son only for them to possibly walk out later. I stay too busy as is with everyday life. Do I wish I had someone? Yes, but I know how to & can be happy on my own.

    That said, don't think for a moment you'll be alone forever; you're going to find out some good men out there have no problem accepting & loving the whole package. Just keep in mind you need to be extremely picky now.

    • Yeah, I feel the same, the thought of letting someone into my kids life's frightens me tbh x

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    • I know that feeling all to well...

      Really, just give it time. Keep your head up. Life as a single parent is tough, but you'll be just fine. And opportunities always come along; again, be very picky.

      You ever need advice, message me.

    • Thanks x

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  • Awww girlie I'm sorry... I feel the same way at times at 27 with only 1.. It's extremely hard.. I just haven't been married if you want to talk you know my username


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  • There Are Guys Out There That Would Talk To A Thrity Two Year Old With Kids So Dont Let That Hold You Back, Over Time Your Emotions & Feelings Will Die Down & You'll Find The Man Meant For You, Nobody Wants An Insecure Guy Anyway, Stay Strong & Keep Your Head Held High...

  • Well, I'm really sorry, though if the marriage was really on the rocks and not going to recover, better now then 12 months more before you start recovering. Today's the bottom, there will be tough days ahead but you're headed somewhere better.

    As for 'who would want a 32 year old woman with 2 young kids?

    Apparently your husband, who knows you better than I, thinks a lot of people, or he wouldn't have been so worried about you cheating, would he?

  • I'm sorry to hear that...
    But don't put yourself in a dark place, you'll find someone. It's always hard to let someone in after an event like that, but just give it time.
    I'm also a single parent and I also find it hard to find someone special. But don't give up hope it's too early for that. Take your time, think about the guy you want to attract (once you gotten over the whole divorce, leaving thing) and just go for it. Be guarded (think of your kids) and just remember to have fun again. You'll see in time you'll find a great guy out there who is gonna better then your ex.

  • Yeah the marriage is over.

    You need to get over it first, before you start dating again. dating guys because you feel needy is a recipe for disaster.

    As for who would want you, your best bet is widowed/divorced men who already have children

    Good luck

  • Your marriage wasn't working so this, while painful, is sure for the best. At 32 you're still young, and yes, there are a lot of guys out there - some of them in very similar situation - who'd be interested in you and a good match. Take time to heal, learn to be happy on your own (you can't have a healthy relationship if you're too dependent) and once you've dealt with your issues put yourself out there so love can find you. I know you're hurting now, but this may be a starting point leading you to much happier life. Good luck!

  • At 32 you are still young and attractive to most guys. Also most single women are mothers, so that isn't going to be the hurdle you think it is.

    • Ok, thanks, but you wouldn't know if I was attractive or not, but thanks for the still young! Lol x

    • I meant going by your age, you should still be attractive. It isn't like 32 year old women are worn and withered. lol

    • Lol ok thanks x

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