For girls: Break up question?

Two of my ex's, one from a few years ago, and one from just months ago, both cheated on me with my then best friend (s), spread rumours about me, turned my friends against me, took everything from me and then just left me without looking back. How can you love someone one day and forget about him the next? I've tried to move on and I think I have, but I still can't stop thinking about her. Would love some advice on how to stop hurting


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  • iDont Care What Nobody Says, No Matter How A Ex Treat You, Deep Down Love, Care, Or Just Some Kind Of Feelings Are Still There, Trust Me, Sometimes Pride Gets The Best Of People. It's Natural To Think About Your Ex After A Break-Up Because Your Feelings & Emotions Are Still Invested But Over Time iPromise Your Feelings Will Die Down, Just Give It Time & Occupy Yourself With The Things Make You Happy The Most...


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  • Zammmmnnnn that's fucked up. 1. Get new friends 2. She never loved you in the first place. That's not love.

    • *sigh* I know xD its just... its just painful ya know? I loved her and would have given up everything for her.

    • I know how you feel!! It's the worst 😔 but remain positive and take it as a loss for something greater in store for you

  • HOnestly she's s piece of shit. Dont give her the time of day. If you give her another chance the jokes gonna be on you. I'm sure you can find a girl that really cares about you and that will be committed. just think, if she really cared, would she hurt u this bad?


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