Should I have gone or stayed with her?

I was in an almost-2-year relationship with someone amazing. Just being with her made me feel at home, even though I was in shitty Alaska. We decided to go our separate ways (her to college and me to Marines) because I felt I was holding her back. After I left the greatest relationship of my life (so far), she had sex with one of her friends in grief of me leaving while we were still pussyfooting through the separation, talking like "I love/miss you." After some time I've come to not be bothered by it anymore, but we can't stop talking for good. The idea of him fucking my woman pisses me off to wanting to punch him through the ground and into the Earth's mantle. That's saying something, coming from someone who's never struck someone before. Anyway, do you think I should have stayed with her and tried to figure something out? I got over her the day she told me she did it, but everything just leads my thoughts right back to her and she still can't get over me.
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  • You sound like a marine the way you exaggerate hurting someone lol !! Anyways. It's fucked up (what she did ) but you guys weren't together. BUT she was honest with you from the beginning !! . YET the principle behind it I completely understand !! I hate when guys say "I felt that I was holding her back " !!! You can't decide for her , she probably agreed with it because she realized the distance. But if you love her , go get her. You have nothing to lose !!

    • I'm actually scheduled to ship to Marine boot camp in December. I guess it shines through haha

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    • Going to San Diego.

    • Nice !! Good luck ! And thank you for your service

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Just Stay Moved On, Dont Worry About Her, You Can & Will Find Another Women That Will Treat You Right, Your Mad At The Wrong Person Tho, He didn't Rape Or Put A Gun Up To Her Head & Force Her, She Willingly Laid Down With Him Because She Wanted It Just As Bad As He Did. Once Again Move On & Look For A Women That Will Treat You Right & Is Compatible With You...


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  • In my opinion true love is ALWAYS worth the struggle.

    I didn't vote cause they are really 2 different questions. Yes you most likely could have worked it out. But since you didn't stay you'll have to learn from it.

    bad on her and your supposed friend. But honestly that's not that uncommon. If you 2 broke up, really she doesn't owe you anything she's fair game, however your friend should not go there. That could have been her getting you back/jealousy tactic.

    • He wasn't my friend, he was hers. I know we hold no claim over each other, but she did it WHILE still telling me how much she loved and missed me. And I was telling her the same shit. I know there's that technical 'fair game' aspect, but it's just a matter of respect.

    • Sorry thought it was your friend. Yep always that grey area of time. But it happened, that won't change. And it sucks I know!

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