What helps you to get over someone?

So my best friend got dumped after 2 years. And she's really miserable. She still wants him back but he made it quite clear he doesn't want to get back together

I don't really know how to help. I try to, but I find I only repeat clichees "It's his loss" "It's him not you" "Change is good"
I've never really been dumped, so I don't really know what would help?


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  • To forget someone.. I would chuck in some earphones, listen to hardcore music and remove everything that he brought me, just obliterate it all.. Chuck it in a garbage bag in the bins.. Thats first of it


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  • Ask her to start a new hobby or something similar.
    We miss someone because we don't have much to do in our life and every-time we sit quietly our mind pushes us to think about that person because that is the thing we care for, we urge for.
    Its 2 years now so he would be a bit used to it and in this time she can start something that interests her, she will quickly get over him.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, Besides Letting Time Pass All You Can Do Is Continue Doing What You Love, Hang Out, Just Occupy Your Time. Over Time You'll Feel Better...


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