Now I just broke up with my boyfriend two weeks ago because I felt as tho he lost attraction. and he was careless as far as life. was I wrong?

I think it was another girl in his life and he just wanted away out he only cared about his self when sex was involved. Was he cheating,?
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  • None of us here can truly tell you whether he was cheating or not. Only he is the one who can give you that answer.
    Best way to draw the truth out of someone is to make them feel so very comfortable and at ease with revealing their true actions towards you. Never forget this. You may feel the most intense anger, frustration, and painful disappointment but don't show that on the surface if you want a man to be 100% truthful with you. Just upfront ask him. Tell him you deserve to know after committing so much of your energy towards him.


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  • It's Hard To Judge Whether Or Not He Was Possibly Cheating From The Information Given But If You Were Unhappy In The Relationahip Then It's Time To Let It Go. All Guys Are Different & People Feelings Do Change Over Time, Sometimes For Good But Sadly Also For The Bad...

  • are you sure... that there is another girl?

    and second of all you better one more time... what do you say?

    how many time did you have sex with him?

    is it something like he got annoyed with you


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