Is it good to suppress your feelings? will it eventually resurface?

In my opinion I feel that it's a very negative thing to suppress emotions because it will resurface in a negative way at some stage in one's life.

The reason why I'm asking this, is because of my ex boyfriend who chose to suppress all his feelings for me and for everything that has happened to him knowing that it's a bad thing to do. I blocked him recently due to him being selfish and cold towards everyone (this includes his family and friends). He says that he just wants to be alone.

He also hasn't dealt with his past issues before our relationship and I do not want to see what happens when all of his negativity eventually boils over of his "bottle" of "positivity" that he is so good at putting up.

What are your opinions on suppressing emotions and choosing not to deal with your issues? especially if you're a guy.


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  • No, you are correct.

    Suppressing your emotions never deals with them... They will be festering below the surface.

    As for me, I have a lot of issues and hang ups and problems. I try and deal with them, sometimes it gets overwhelming and I just push them aside.

    Well, I feel better for a while, but eventually they just come back and slap me in the face, again, and now I have to fight them or overcome them all over again.

    • I'm sure you will overcome your problems that you are dealing with :). At least you are able to admit that, my ex just pretends like everything is so perfect in his life, but I know him not dealing with his emotions and suppressing them with prescription drugs etc is going to result in something seriously negative. I just keep him in my prayers. You should pray about your problems too :). Xx

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    • Very good! You are listening to your gut! It is right... That day will come for him. I truly hope he realizes that he IS weak. It's hard for a man to admit it... It's hard even for me to admit it. No man is an island as they say. I have been through a lot, and overcome a lot, but i depend on God for just about everything. God has had to really smack me down a lot to make me understand just how weak I actually am. There's no shame in it. There's shame in pretending you are strong while you crumble to bits inside. It takes real strength to admit you need help.

      Keep it up... Keep listening to that Voice. Keep praying... God will answer you.

    • I fully agree with you and I believe in prayer. :) Unfortunately he thinks he is really okay and strong. I honestly can't see him admitting that he needs help or that he is weak. I'm not saying it's impossible but he lives in denial and chooses to do so instead of being honest with himself. I will thank you! :) Xx

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  • Holding Your Feelings Back In The Relationship isn't A Good Thing, A Person Should Be Open With Their Significiant Other & Not Hide Or Keep Feelings Under Wrap...

    • He was very open towards me during our relationship. He was more open to me than anyone else in his life. However, when we broke up... he immediately closed himself off to everything and did not even begin to deal with things in his past let alone our break up. Xx

    • He uses all sorts of drugs etc now AFTER the break up to suppress what he feels so that's why I took myself out of even having a friendship with him, because when I extended my hand to show him I care etc he pushed me away and acted cold. There was nothing more I could do and that's why I've chosen to block him etc out of my life. I don't approve of that kind of lifestyle and as difficult as it is to let go, it's for my own protection. :) All I do now is keep him in my prayers. Xx

  • There are different kinds of people in this world.
    Some people whatever be the circumstances will try to suppress there feeling so that other does not feel bad or get hurt from what he says.
    They will not try to say you directly but indirectly they will show you, maybe by not talking with you.
    If you are his friend, try understanding him. If you treat him nicely and start understanding him he will never say you a bad word, and if there was some old incident he will forget it.
    Take care of him.. he seems to be good guy.

  • Depends on how strong willed you are. I would only recommend letting it all out to a therapist, where I feel that everything is confidential and I can release all the demons to someone who can professionally handle it.

    It sounds like a good plan for me but the USMC doesn't pay me enough to hire a therapist. So I'll do what I keep doing and just hold it all in until my future wife cheats on me while I'm on a tour in Iraq, where I would be coming back home to surprise her only to be finding her having a 3 some with my best friend and my brother.
    Can't wait! =)

    • That's horrible I'm sorry to hear that! Pray for guidance perhaps because im sure you don't deserve it! Xx keep strong!

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