Girls, would you ever contact an ex whom you ended things with?

I'm wondering if you would ever contact an ex of yours if you had interest in starting over if you were the one who ended it, or if you would still expect the guy to initiate? (assuming there had been no contact since the split)

PS: I realize the old "they're an ex for a reason" but say that you had both changed and just wanted to give it a shot for whatever reason and there was no real mistreatment in your relationship but rather just the both of you unable to handle a healthy relationship


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  • Yes... I had my high school sweetheart whom I dated for a couple of years and we each went our own way due to: our parents didn't approve, I was underage and he was 5 years older than me, and the loss of our child had us confused and with misunderstandings... we didn't argue fight curse it was and always has been that one relationship that I aspire to have again... with that being said I moved to away and he stayed back home and we decided that when I was 18 we would be able to finally date, until then we would wait for one another! Since then we stopped talking became distant and said to ourselves that we were free to date other people but if it should happen the we reunite some day we would give it a try... I eventually found someone had kids! Layer on I found out he had finally found someone and had a son, but by then my relationship was over and as hard as it was for me to walk away (from calling my ex or looking for him) I did because I wanted him to be happy with his family...

    Almost two years ago a day after my birthday I receive this email from him... he tells me happy belated birthday and we go from there... since we first dated to know it has been 10 years more or so and I have been seeing him for over a year and a half... WE PICKED UP RIGHT WERE WE LEFT OFF AT! Yes we changed "physically, mentally, emotionally" our life's are different "we are adults, parents, with a career " but it seems like nothing has happened and time never passed... I am happy to say that he still is my best friend whom I can tell anything and everything to! Not embarrassed or afraid of his opinions and vice versa...


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  • Story of my life.

    We ended it because we were both young and were lashing out at each other and our parents saw we weren't mature enough for a relationship so naturally they forbid us from seeing each other so what did we do? Why lash out and take it out on each other, of course (smart *rolls eyes*). This went on for four years (first two were great, second two... not so much).

    My mother blocked his number from my phone for 90 days. At the end of the 90 days we must have magically matured or something because we started talking again - this time more civilly (and I was the one who contacted him first that second time) and then 3 months later we were dating and now 3 years after that... here we are. Still dating and in a very healthy relationship.

    We both wanted the same thing at the wrong time, I guess.


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