I am desparate. What can I do?

My perfect moment collapsed to a thousend piece. My boddy trumbled with fear and my hands were shaking by themself. I wanted them to stop now, but there was some kind of fragile in my heart. It throbed somehow slower leaving me breathing hardly.
I knew he was going to be here today. I really believed I was ready for this moment, to face him after all that time. But when I heard his name again , when i knew he was right behind me , I knew i wasn't ready yet. All the feelings that were burried inside and they were supposed to be doomed , came back from the dead, crushing the delicate walls of my heart. It was too much, too much. I couldn't handle it. I wanted to scream "why? Why haven't I move on yet?" After all what I had to face because of you, that terrible heartache that never left me , the sleepless nights , and the bulging eyes, and I was still haven't move on.
I was back to the crul reality, when I heard my name. My friens didn't say much only that he was hondsome. For me he wasn't. He was more than that. He was beautiful in his own way. The way he standd, the way he moves, how his eyes gleams when he smiles. That posture that says I am proud, you can't take that from me. Maybe that what pulled me to him, that stand and oh ! His eyes, I had always loved his eyes. his smile , his everything.
I sighed, what the hell was I thinking of? I had to move on somehow, but how? I had no idea.
I rased my head and looked at him. Our gaze met for a breef second and that was enough to tell me I was still in love with him, and maybe even more than before. I was doomed now. My heart was stollen from me, because of him and he had no idea that he has it. when I knew that I loved him and my heart was his, only his, it was already late.
Okiee , here is the question. Should I post this on Facebook to let him know?


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  • you know when i was reading ur story, it seems like i ws reading a novel... excellent writing trust me... are you sure u lost him? is there n e chance left? think once more

    • I dont think there is any chance. I saw him today. Okiee , I catched him looking a few times, but he never approched ti say hi or anything.

    • just ignore him, see what happens, make him jealous by talking hanging out other guys in front of him... tell me updated

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  • You are a great writer.. if that is what u were trying to do.. write something different with a class of ur own.. well done.

  • your spelling and writing is atrocious, i can't even understand what the story is about sry

  • u got some serious writing skill girl

  • So... is this a story?


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