How to get rid of her?

Hi all,

I have been seeing this girl from last two and half years and now we have almost broken up because of her flirtatious nature. I believe this 'almost' phase is very very difficult. Not able to stop myself from thinking and even calling her up sometimes.
I tried a lot of stuffs like keeping myself occupied with work , deleting her number, blocking her calls, whatsap, fb and even contacting some other girls to deviate myself but none of this helped.
She always takes me for granted and at times I regret why I really did called or replied to her texts.

So please help me out to control myself from going back to her because deep inside I know that she is not going to change herself and I can't accept her the way she is.


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  • It seems like you love her and aren't ready to give on your relationship... either hold on tight and enjoy the role coaster or get over her!!! Sorry to be so blunt but when one is fed up with someone else who has caused so much rage, sadness, pain, tears, etc... one doesn't look back just keeps walking forward AND YOU KEEP LOOKING BACK! NO ONE VAN really help you of you don't help yourself...

    • Yeah that's right... I am just trying my best... got a few calls and texts today also.. but didn't bother to return the call or reply the text... literally avoiding her in all possible way :)
      Anyways.. thanks for your reply :)

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  • I would read those two paragraphs to myself every time I thought about calling her or accepting a call! If she is really that awful keep her away from you!

    • Unfortunately, its not that simple as it looks like... believe me I am trying hard and I guess eventually I will come over it.
      Thanks for your comment. :)

  • Ahhh... to be frank I am going through the same I know it sucks but hang on dude. get over with this you deserve someone better.
    Somehow whenever somebody tells me that I deserve someone better I instantly feel my mood lifted. Hope it helps. She is not worth you time and efforts

    • Well.. I guess that's the best part of break-up... and I am really looking forward for it :)
      And you also hang on there... I guess time will do it for both of us :P
      Thanks for your concern,

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