A girl broke up with me over text after 2 dates?

A girl broke up with me over text after 2 dates? lol

No, I'm not going to meet you thats all I wanted to say. There's nothin to talk about.
Me: Breakup? 2 dates. LOL. drama
Her: We didn't have a relationship just dates
Me: I’ll start taking bets on how long you can stay away
(we hanged out before and she contacted me first)

How to deal with it? I find it quite funny and amusing


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  • Maybe you didn't give her the most pleasant experiance on the dates and from what you replied to her. Maybe you shouldn't date anyone. You seem like a douchebag.


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  • Yeah, it wasn't a boyfriend girlfriend relationship until you both agree on it - and it's gotta be on her to bring it up, not you. And the "you'll be back" thing - confident, which is fine, but if it were me, I wouldn't have said much about that, even if thought it would happen.

    A great possibility was: "Hey, at least we had fun. Good luck to ya!" and then no communication, at least until she does it first, then a positive, upbeat response is ok. But now the response I gave you above isn't a good response if you sent the "You'll be back" type post. If anything, you COULD play it off as a confident, flirty kind of thing - like "I'm irresistible - all women want me" (quickly) like... so confident it's a little funny... then drop communication. I do that, but it's almost a little... self effacing. Like... clear overconfidence.

    Yes, it was cowardly to send the "I don't think we should date" in text, relationship or not. It was immature. Simply consider it as a sign, and take the high road.

    Be glad you didn't whine or beg or ask why. That's not good. But I personally just try to leave it alone. Whether you have other options or not, assume you'll have other options in life (even just working on improving yourself).


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  • Just leave it. You're acting a little childish from a girls point of view. If you really wanted her to change her mind you should have just said "that's fine" and never replied.

  • It depends.. if you like her then keep messaging her (if she keeps replying).
    If not I would just leave it.


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