This made me sick! I need someone to really give me an input before I do something stupid and regret it Ending in jail!?

My ex, who has not paid attention to me keeping me on stand by, playing push and pull, I finally woke up and said " don't contact me anymore" and i never replied he' text me why why NO reply from me, called no answer. So he seems worried right? So he text my family member asking for me to call him because I seem evil that I have adde 10 "fire fighters " on fb since he's a ff I guess I'm not suppose make friends with people that are ff. NOW! He text me saying that he doesn't appreciate me mixing his personal life with people he works with. These guys are not even friends with him, I don't talk to ANYONE on fb, so he went and deleted me from fb, so obv he's just concern about that and not about me? So I'm tempted to go OFF in him but I know this will feed his ego, but I am so mad. Here I am thinking genus concern about why I don't want to talk to him, I don't know if it's an excise he is using, but he says he's curious why I won't want to talk to him specially after I added 10 guys on fb that "work with him" WHICH THEY DONT I'm not stupid. Now WHAT DO I DO IN THIS CASE? Tell
Him off or keep ignoring him? Is this an excuse?


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  • He's too insecure, I wouldn't mess with this. It will end up bad regardless, whether now or later. The last girl I dated, started doing things like this and it took her mind and made her act crazy. It eventually destroyed our relationship. I honestly don't have much appreciation for Facebook because it is tempting for insecure people to be sneaky and act crazy and I'm not big into social media. Take some time to yourself with no contact so you can think clearly about this. But I am pretty positive, this is something that won't change in the next week or month. Respect yourself and the time you have on this Earth. Don't get carried away in that nonsense.

    • Thanks for you response. Now does this sound to you like he is making an excuse to talk to me? Or is he really "concern " on to thinking I would really mix his personal life with his job. MIND U HE DATED A GIRL FROM HIS JOB for two years and the girl went with his other co worker so now how personal is that? And he's freaking over me? Pissing me off really

    • He is manipulating you because of his insecurities, it's nothing more than that. Don't tolerate his behavior. Tell him to man up and leave you alone until further notice. Don't fall into the traps they set up. This isn't rational and he knows that yet he's still not acting straight.

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  • I'm sure you can speak your mind and throw a couple of punches his way without going to jail lol :-)


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  • Just... keep ignoring him. You don't want to date a guy who generates drama over Facebook.


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