Ex-boyfriend first says he wants to be friends, but now tells me he isn't sure yet? help?

So my ex-boyfriend and I broke up around two weeks ago. At first, he expressed a genuine want to be friends. I found some pretty lame things out after our breakup, and approached him about it, and even after that he still said he had faith in us being friends (we go to the same school and share many classes). Anyway, he kept saying he just needs space until he feels comfortable being my friend. These past two days in class he was being friendly with me and interacting with me, which was nice, and definitely different than the usual avoidance routine on his part. We have a class retreat next week which prompted me to ask him if he now feels more comfortable with being friendly. His response was CONFUSING – he told me he's going to be nice to me. He said he isn't sure yet if he feels comfortable/ready with being friendly, but that he will be nice to me. He told me to chill about it and give it time. He also said that he hasn't been thinking about it, and wants me to stop asking about it. When I asked if he still wanted space, he response was "you can still be nice. I don't know just stop asking me this stuff because I have no answers." Then, when I asked if he no longer wants to be friends, he said "Im not sure yet." He told me he doesn't even know why he isn't sure if he wants to be friends or not... he couldn't give me a reason for his uncertainty. He said if i kept talking to him and asking him about this stuff it would make him more confused. He concluded by saying he's going to stop responding (this was over text) because I was stressing him out.

In general, im SO confused how he went from wanting to be friends and "having faith" that we could make it work over time to not being sure if he wants to be friends? And not even knowing WHY he's not sure? I don't know what to do to save the situation? I feel really crappy with myself that i seemingly made this happen... :(


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  • He has major issues. Look for someone who has it together.

    • I don't want to come to his defense or anything, but I feel that by not giving him space and asking him about these sorts of things, I made him confused/rethink his attitude towards being friends. i'm just not sure what to do from here on..

    • Its simple, you don't do anything.

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  • You need to cut off this drama boy.


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