Would you get involved with a married guy with a child? What if he says he separated after you met him?

A girl meet a guy while he was married they spent some fun time together he comes home and separate from his wife and child would you start a relationship with him? Or would you be remorseful to break a family?


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  • It's NEVER ok to get involved with a guy like that. I would advise against it any day, any time.


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  • First of all you can't break up a family that was already broken! If anybody and I do mean anybody that is involved in anyway cheats on their partner well then I couldn't imagine a clearer sign to them that there's something horribly wrong with their relationship because people who are happy with their partners do not cheat. People who aren't happy in their relationship and are to scared to even admit and do something about it however do and it doesn't get much simpler than that.
    Now regarding getting involved with a person like that well it's completely up to you and knowing yourself enough to make a decision like that.
    Me I know myself well enough to say that I probably would get involved because if the feelings of attraction were strong enough to make me want to be with somebody that's already in a relationship I know that trying to stay way when I know the other person is interested also will just be forcing myself in the wrong direction and that's not good in either way.
    I myself have never cheated because I know that the moment I started having feelings for somebody else than my partner even a crush and more crushes and stuff like that I knew something was wrong and I could either try and figure out what was wrong and do something about it but after seeing that I still had feelings for other people then I knew the relationship has changed and it was time to end things. Mutually of course. And I'm not saying that I will never cheat because I also know myself well enough to know that circumstances might make me do stuff in life that I never thought I'd do and knowing that makes me deal with stuff that comes to me in life and of course I always try to figure out what I feel and then figuring out what to do about it in staid of the other way around beating my head against the wall fighting my feelings.

    • A family is not broken! Family is the most sacred thing in life! Is the foundation for everything! A relationship goes through stages and the longer you are together the more challenging it becomes, especially when kids are involved. Even loving my husband I can see how a third person can mess up a mind. It feels good and we want more. I see this happening to anyone and it's easier to blame on the oh well he/she wasn't happy. Maybe they are not happy with themselves. And everybody has moments like this.

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  • No, I wouldn't want to be with a guy like that.


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