Struggling with rejection and having a hard time coping- any advice that could help?

My BF of 7 months broke up with me. He told me that we were very compatible in many ways and the sex was amazing, but our lives were going in different directions and he felt it didn't make sense to continue it. His reasons were valid but I am sad knowing he lost feeling for me. I know it sounds wimpy, but I am struggling with the rejection - I haven't been through this in a while and it's hitting me hard. Any words of wisdom or consolation you can offer me? Thanks so much:)


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  • Find out what direction they are going before you get serious with them. I asked girls about living arrangements and their expectations when/if they get married... and it's usually on the first date.

    No, they don't run away. lol

    • Lol! Well, we both knew from the start that our situations were vastly different. I think we both really cared for each other and continued despite that, but we inevitably hit the wall. If you knew why we were so different, you would laugh and say that you definitely agree with his decision! When someone tells you they don't want you in that way, although, it's still painful. Your mind becomes your worst enemy.

    • Well there you go.

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  • iKnow After A Break-Up Life Seems To Suck, But Over Time You Will Feel Better. (Trust Me.) Find A Hobby Or Continue Doing Whatever Makes You Happy, It doesn't Seem Like It Now But Life Goes, Stay Postive & Keep Your Head Held High...

    • Thanks for that, I know that time will heal all wounds:)

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