Is anyone facing a divorce? no contact rule? is there hope?

married through civil and church a year ago. Our relationship was great.. at least i thought so. We never argued.. just heated discussions. I always asked him if i needed something to work on, he would reply "nothing i can think of". The only issue i can own up to, is that i have dropped the divorce word 3 times when i felt neglected and un appreciated. i would always apologize afterwards and express my reasons. We have been living apart for 4 months, he abandoned the apartment and moved back with his parents. he had enough of my d bomb, and that was the first time i ever heard him say that. that same week, i found out i was 7 weeks pregnant and prior to that, we have been trying for a baby. he hired a lawyer, and demands a divorce. He is in denial, and doesn't want anything to do with the baby. The first month, i tried texting, calling but nothing obviously worked. i couldn't believe the situation i was in. since we are in a no contact rule, he has removed me from social media, and his life. on August 14, i met his lawyer and him to plan our divorce.. i do not want it because, i would very much like to get help and save our marriage. he told me..(reading off a paper) how he distrust me, and how he just wants out. how did it went from one thing to this? i realized he is back to his old life style, back to old friends who left the friendship because they never approved of me, and i am wondering if they have influenced him. having no contact is hard. i feel like he has moved on so fast, and i can't understand anything. Is there hope? has he moved on so fast? i haven't heard anything from him or his lawyer. all i know is.. i am deleted out of his life, and he is in denial of our child. As of now, i don't message or call. I haven't for a while. I don't know what is the proper approach. oh i forgot to mention.. he is very into his catholic faith and very very close to his family. I hope to hear everyone's thoughts. Thank you!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, You Can't Force A Relationship Back, If He doesn't Want To Make Things Right Then All You Can Do Is Accept His Decision. It's Hard At First But Over Time You Will Feel Better, Just Try & Focus On Yourself & The Child...

  • Definitely he is not mature yet, selfish and irresponsible. He knows you're pregnant, but still ignores you, do you really want such a man to come back?
    Think of future baby and plan a divorce properly, hire a lawyer, too, calculate child suport for future .
    Good luck!

  • You try to talk to his parents.


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