I cut things off because he wants to stay single, chances of him calling?

I was dating this guy for 2 months. Things were absolutely amazing. First date lasted for 12 hours of non stop talking. We met up 3-5 times a week, usually him asking me to hang out. We went out, stayed in. Had so much in common and he loved that I watch football and play video games, while also calling me beautiful all the time. Whenever we weren't together we were texting all day (we'd both initiate) and playing games online together while Skype chatting. He was making plans for the fall for the two of us. He loved cuddling all night and whenever we were watching tv. It was all blissful! I asked him a month in where he saw this going because I told him I'd like us to end up a couple. He told me he was getting there and I was certainly not just a friend to him.

Month went by, things were better than ever and I was aware we weren't' exclusive. I asked him if this was heading towards a relationship. He said, "Eventually I see us down the road, but right now I want to be single." He has just moved here 4 months ago and wants to meet new people. He was dating around and I'm sure he was sleeping with other girls.

For me, I was kinda emotional and cried a bit. Told him that him dating around didn't' work for me cause I had feelings attached. He really wanted to keep talking and said he didn't' want me to go, but after a conversation like that, there was no turning back for me. I didn't want a friends with benefits situation. Since getting my things and not drawing it out with texts and calls. I've been on no contact for 2 weeks.

Chances he'll eventually contact? We never really had issues, and i do miss him. In the mean time I've lost 8 lbs at the gym, focused on myself and even started dating again. ha!


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  • He will not come back. You please not to out hopes on him.


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