Why can't he make up his mind? What's going on?

My ex bf broke up with me due to trust issues.. since the time we've broken up he has wanted us to be "friends" but there are days he will text me how im doing, be flirty, but other times at a distance. I've told him before we cnt be friends right now because it hurts knowing I want more, but he tells me well if you love me as u say this is why you should stay.. he's gotten jealous before if I talk to a guy but yet cnt commit right now.. why? What's going on?


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  • I would say move on for a bit and don't respond to him to make him see what he is missing out on. If it doesn't work out for the best things happen for a reason. Best of luck. Remember and I need to take this advice you can't wait forever on someone like that.


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  • Just because you break up doesn't mean his feelings get turned off like a light switch. He still cares

    • But why not get with me if he cares? And it's true u say that because I know he still cares I can feel it.. but Isn't he worried 1 day I'm going to completely leave and not look back? Why risk that? :(

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