Ex girlfriend wants to be best friends we been broke up for five months now?

She still had feelings for me and I her. She went back to the guy she dated before me for four years. I asked her did she think we should stop being friends since I had feelings for her still. She said no she still see's me as her best friend. But now she ignores my text a lot and makes up excuses not to talk because she is so busy? I'm so lost.


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  • what you want?

    • I want to be friends still, but she really doesn't treat me like a friend I guess... more like an someone she used to know. :/ It's hard because I still love her but I know she cannot be with me. I just don't know if I need to try and just leave her alone regardless of her wanting to be my friend or just give her space and understand.

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    • hurts to read this but I think your right :( thank you for answering this for me.

    • no worries...
      and dear, you are going to be okay.. and let her live her life
      and you live yours...
      soon you will find someone really amazing... promise

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