Can't shake the feeling she's the one?

I met this girl about 4 months ago. Since the moment I saw her I felt so connected to her. She had just gotten off a 5 year relationship were she told me she was treated bad.. The guy ignored her and all.. they have a 2 year old together but that never bugged me. She had also confessed to me really personal things that had happened to her in the past. She was a really broken girl. And I wanted to heal her with love. I tried being her support. I was always there for her when she needed me. She also made me feel loved. That's why I didn't care doing things for her.. loving her felt so right. When I was with other girls I didn't feel connected at all.. sure I liked them but there was no deep connection. Even after sex I would just want to be alone and I felt bad about that but the first time I had sex with this girl I felt so connected. I made love to her not just sex.. I felt like nothing mattered when I was with her. I got close with her family as well.. her parents loved me. But every time I asked her to be my gf she would say She wasn't ready. I guess I fucked up by being pushy about it and we had a fall out. And didn't speak for a while.. During that time she got close to another guy and well now she's with him. She tried talking to me again and I just told her I couldn't be her friend because my feelings were too strong to just be friends... I haven't talked to her for almost a month and she's been with the dude for a week. Even after seeing pictures of them together and feeling so worthless and Unappreciated I can't shake the feeling that she is the one.. I feel a calm inside that tells me she will be back. But I think if them together and I get angry. I've never been in this position so I don't know what to do and I have no one to talk to. This feeling sucks... I'm trying to move on but right now everything just feels so lifeless. I know I sound pathetic and stuff but I never felt this strong for any one...


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  • best thing to do with girls like that is to not work yourself up over it. there are some heartbreakers out there, man. longing after her won't achieve anything for you. if she's slept with you but won't be your girlfriend you might want to take a reign check on what she wanted in the first place. all the best man

    • Like I know I need to move on and I can't do this to myself but I guess I just hold on to the good times! But I will get over this.. I just needed to let some steam out... thanks dude

    • best thing to do dude is focus on the future, I'm guessing you're over 18 so go out with your guy friends to a party, strip club, sports game, hiking, I don't know whatever it is you and your buddies do when you're docking around, it'll help you take your mind off of things. chasing a few cuties and a party will also help with your lady troubles too haha. but nothing serious. its all fun for now lol

    • Lol yeah dude I'm about to be 22 in a few weeks. I know I'm hella young to be stressing over her but this is all new.. guess my first love in a sense? I don't know but yeah you're right. I have to get out and live life like I used to!

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