I always hurt my boyfriend n he blackmails me now?

My Boyfriend and me are together for about 2 years now. We used to really love eachother and wanted to get married. But now the problem is that I kind of cheated on him way before. I had phone sex with a guy. And now he founded out about it now. He said I always hurt him. He started black mailing me. He always threatened me that he will disclose all the conversation we had and the phone sex chat in public. And speciallyhe said he will show it to my parents... but I always used to send hin emotional messages but no reply. I always tries to convince him n I always tried to get back together.. but he said only on one condition we are getting back to eachother is that he wants me to give sexual pleasure (ORAL SEX) ... I dont know what should I do... im really upset.. I love hin soo much even now even though he insults me now. He also called me slut... please help me out with this situation.. I want him back. I want him to love me again..


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  • Cheating part is totally bad... you should have not done it.. I mean if you are in so insanely in love with him, looking for marriage and all then how could you?

    Anyways I m sure you must have got carried away in the heat of the moment. Now if you want him back then try to listen him and do as he says (not the oral sex, I will come to that later). Take him out for dinner or something.. spend most of the time together... some surprise gifts might also do the trick.

    As far as Oral sex and blackmailing is concerned... these are not justified at all... I guess you will have to deal the blackmailing part very cautiously and pretend that you are not scared of that shit.
    For oral sex... I guess you should talk and explain that you can't do it... and if this also doesn't help then you can make excuse that 'You are not making me high enough.. so I don't feel like doing it' :P


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  • Take his bargaining chip and power back by just ending it with him. If he shows the chat in public you could just lie about it and say that wasn't you. or just say look weve been together 2 years, what do u think we do when were alone play scrabble? anyway don't let this jerk have that kind of control over you. drop him. he won't ever love you again sorry to say bc once the trust is gone and the respect isn't there the relationship will never be the same again


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  • you cheated on him, thats your fault I'm afraid. blackmailing is wrong as well, best option i see is to end it

    • i will add that i look forward to a day when the mere discussion about sex outside of contractual marriage becomes a very real and oppressive taboo.

    • my opinion is that if you marry someone thats a serious commitment, i just don't see the point in cheating when you supposedly make a life long commitment to someone it just seems like a waste of energy at that point

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