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I got into a big fight with a guy I used to get along. During the fight he told me that he never really liked me even tho we used to hug, he used to hold me and he even wanted me to kiss him. He said before that he doesn't want anything more than a friendship because he likes me only as a friend but his behavior seemed different to me. After two days I texted him to apologize and be friendly again but he responded to me coldy and civil like an acquaintance, seemed he doesn't really want to keep this conversation going. I haven't talked to him in a month. I really miss him but I dont think he gives a damn. I deleted him off Facebook too because it hurts to have reminder. I met him at town once with his friend, he got blushed when he saw me but we didn't say anything to each other. Do you think he really mean it?


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  • At The Time He Might Of Been Very High In His Emotions, People Tend To Say Things When They Are Upset So Dont Let That Discourage You, Dont Let Him Blushing Get Your Hopes Up Yet, If You Want To Reconcile Then Take Things Slow, If He Is Still Cold Then Back Off Permanently...


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