Neither of us wanted to break up?

Recently, the guy that I love broke up with me. We both knew it wasn't because he doesn't want to be with me because we've made it clear how much we love and mean a lot to each other, but because he felt bad that his schedule didn't leave him much time to spend with me for a while. He told me he still wants to be friends, but I'm not sure I could handle just being friends. I couldn't handle not having him in my life either.

Any advice about how to deal with this?
I'm going to add that, after he broke up with me, I didn't have a way home for a few hours and we got around to talking and hanging out the way we usually would and he started to flirt a bit and we flirted back and forth for a while.


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  • I'm mot sure this guy is being completely honest here - men make time for those they love. Rather than lose them, they will find ways (or so we're told) to be with the woman they love. Maybe this is him being a chicken saying nice things but just not having the guts to be honest with you?

    I'd love to see male responses to this, because women are always taught/told if a man loves you, no matter what, he will see to it that he's around you and with you.

    • He doesn't have much time to spend with anybody, really. He's got football practice most days and games on Fridays and we both hate when I see him when he's exhausted afterwards, so we'd wait to see each other until he felt up to doing something. It doesn't bother me that his schedule is pretty full because we see each other a lot during the day and would always planned around his schedule, even if it meant only seeing each other outside of school once a month. He just thinks it isn't fair to me that we'd have to wait for an opening in his schedule to spend time together.

    • It IS unfair because no one deserves to be last on anyone's list. Perhaps he might see that and change his ways down the road and come back to you.

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  • he's dating with another girl... I will always find time for my lover even thers no time... So there should be somthing more... to provoke him about what i said just go by him kiss him and say i love you and there's no problem if u dont have time for me... Helped?;)


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