I've never been with another girl and I don't know if I need to or not?

I've only ever been in a relationship with one girl, my current girlfriend. It's been more than a year and half and I've enjoyed most of it but I've always had the nagging question of whether or not she's what I want because I have absolutely no comparison. The closest I ever got to anything with another girl was in 4th grade when my crush blew in my ear (apparently something us kids were doing at that time).

Despite our relationship going well for so long, over the last summer and now after moving to college (she came too, it just worked out like that) the issue has arisen again and the fact that I don't know if I need to experience another person has caused me to be more and more distant from her which finally peaked last night when she admitted that she knew I wasn't happy with us. (I'd tried to tell her but she was drunk so I was waiting for another time, I was high too) We cried holding each other for a few hours and I told her I needed a few days to think because I'm not going to put her through all of this shit again if I don't intend to stay for a while.

And now that's culminated to this point where I'm sitting here confused.

So I guess I just wanted to ask if any of you have ever only been with one person and if so how has that worked out, or for those that have been with multiple do you think that "exploring" is necessary or is it possible to stay with your first.

I still love her, that's not the question.


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  • This is just my opinion: Some people really only need to date one person and that's it. Those are actually the luckier people. Other people go through tons and tons of people and heartbreaks because they can't find someone that is truly good for them. You don't want that. Why risk ruining something that's working and good just because you THINK there may be someone better out there? In my opinion you shouldn't end a relationship unless a) you're unhappy with the person b) something really bad happens between you two that's unforgivable or c) you stop loving the person. I don't know you but it seems like your relationship is pretty good. Be thankful. I think if you compromise this relationship for the possibility of finding someone else, you might regret it. I guess the question I have for you is, do you have someone else in particular in mind or is it just a general curiosity?


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