What does she want from me? ladies please help I'm going crazy over my ex?

Me and my ex girlfriend have been broken up for 6 months now. We where together for 3 years and lived together for 2 years. We broke up over a stupid fight that went way to far. During the break I have sent her gifts flowers handwritten letters and been there for her emotionally through tough times. I moved to another state after the break up but plan to move back to her state because of a job offer which she doesn't know about. She told me a month ago that she was still in love with me but doesn't want to wait on me to come back and was gonna date a high school friend. So I immediately went nc but she called 3 days later crying saying she didn't want to lose me and what she didn't want to be nothing to her. And she wanted to be friends I said I try. Then I went back to NC for a month she called yesterday "wanted to make sure I was alive" I keep it short a 2 min convo. She text 30 min later and asked "was it a bad thing I called?" I then asked her if she cared about me?-she replied YES then I asked if she had any romantic feelings for me she replied"I don't want to admit that" then I said "true love doesn't fade" she replied I know trust me. I asked if she loved this new guy she siad "NO!!" I asked if she love me? She siad I care about someone (me) i don't think I can be with? I was her her first love and longest relationship. She still wears my engagement ring. And still has all of my items that I left? With all my heart I know she loves me but I don't know what to do anymore? I fought so much to show her I'm a new man? What does she want because we both know we can't be friends? She still love me I know but I don't know what to do? Please help ladies? She is 22 I'm 28


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  • I think you should go to where she's at meet her or surprise her and talk things out i do think she loves you a lot and this new guy isn't at all anything to worry about i think her saying she doesn't think she can be with you but she loves u i think she's feeling guilty on her part about something either she did with this old high school friend or with someone else and i think she is worry if she tells u or it gets out she will lose you because for her to go from i don't wanna loose you to i don't think i can be with u she feels guilty for something cause i feel like she would get back with you in a heartbeat

    • She also told me "it not you it me" so that makes a ton of since. How can I get her to open up to tell me what is on her mind... she siad she never cheated on me while we where together. I don't care about what she did with dude while we where broken up all I want is her loyalty and love again but she know if she cheated I would be crushed! We talk about once a week she always contacts me I don't call her because she is with this guy she doesn't love.

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    • I also live in Cali and she is in Ga. I'm moving back in 2 months I'm pretty sure that is playing a role with her. She doesn't know I'm come back should I tell her? Thanks for all your helpful advise I really appreciate it. I think she does like this new guy but I don't think she loves him. She feel in love with me day 1. I think she is scared to get hurt again in our relationship but she knows things are diff with me know... I do want her back... But I want her to want me like I want her... Should I just play it cool or text her...

    • wait til you get back to georgia then tell her because then she will know your serious then meet up with her and talk to her and fix things with each other don't worry about this new guy cause isn't nothing but whatever tell her when u arrive there because then she will take it seriously and feel like you came back for her

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