How much space does a man really need to start missing his lady?

My man asked me for space, we've been dating for about a month and I kinda got drunk one night w my girls and he did not like that very much, hasn't answered any texts other than the one where he told me he needed a breather from me.. Should I wait or just move on from him? I feel like if I just stop talking to him, maybe he'll miss me and how much he actually like me and come back to me.. He did tell me I was he best sex he's ever had (he's 34, I'm 27) and I believe him bc it was definitely the best for me. How much space does he really need though and when is it time to just move on?


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  • i think he's worried about the fact your very young and fun and he may not feel that way and has did the partying phase or hanging out a lot with friends to where he's ready to settle down i think he would be worried you going out with friends and him losing you to another guy i think thats the main reason why he having doubts just show him there's more to you then going out or partying i think he's mistaken you to be something your not hun like a out there party girl but i don't feel like its like that at all make sure he knows that to


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