I really have a problem with just letting things be cool. I want my ex back?

She's never said leave me alone but man I know that I am
Not the attractive self relying only emotions kid of guy she fell in love with.
We've been broken up for two years and have talked briefly since in mostly in a civil manner.
Recently we have been chatty and whatnot.
She even added me back on Facebook not too long ago.
I just really miss her so much. I miss waking up to her kissing my face and holding her soft silky body against mine.
I miss her voice and the ways she breaths.
I miss her eyes and her smile.
I miss her beautiful aura.
I miss her intelligence and her air headed ness all balled into one.
I can't really describe exactly the ways she makes me feel.
She left and traveled the West coast after we broke up. She met a guy that moved up from Alaska for her from California for a while.
During that time I became panicked, insecure and my heart had never felt such physical pain.
I figured a way to blank my emotions for a period of time and just work and meet new people.
I went to therapy to talk things through.
She came back into my life again and for quite some time and it was amazing.
But not as amazing as when she wanted me.
I've researched tooth and nail for how to get her to see eye to eye on the same page as me.
Naturally, I am possessed to act out pathetic and needy to her.
My own will power is lacking.
A woman like her needs a man to hold her up when she falls down, when she cries.
I love her from inside and out.
I just need to chill!
I need to gain self control.
I need to make her seem important but not the blood flowing in my veins.

I just want to know what to do.

The more that I thirst, the more the water in the desert becomes dry.

P. S. I have met other girls and been with them during the time period.
She just makes me feel alive when her and I are romantically alive on the same page


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  • she has a boyfriend...
    chances are that she isn't available now...
    what you can do now? she is gone...
    you should be happy that she found someone she is happy with..
    love is about wanting best for others...
    i know its hard to swallow.. but u can't do here anything.. u have to accept that she is with someone else now


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  • Move on. Date someone else. Don't dwell in the past

    • What makes you say that?

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