Guys--why is he acting this way? really confusing me?

I split up with my long-term bf when our relationship went long-distance because I couldn't deal with the stress, but then we stayed way too close because we both still had feelings. A few months ago he suddenly started going out with someone else (their relationship is now long-distance), although he knows I’m moving back soon. He knows I still have feelings, and has admitted he has them too, but he doesn't want to rock the boat because he also likes this other girl and is confused (and still seems to hold the initial breakup against me, whereas the other girl was willing to do long-distance). So he just wants to keep dating this other girl and ‘wait and see’ when I return. I feel I can’t really judge him for sitting on the fence because I initially ended it, but I also feel like he’s being really vindictive about a stupid decision I made ages ago and is now hurting me (and potentially the other girl) a lot. Guys—why is he acting this way, is he just insecure/hurt and confused, or is he stringing me along? Should I hold out any hope, and if so, how much time should I give him to sort himself out when I get back? I’m confused because he was always a really nice guy and seemed so committed but what he’s doing now seems really harsh; I offered to come see him in person before I return for good so we could sort this out but he doesn’t want to change anything now. I imagine that as time goes on it’ll become harder for him to end things with his new girlfriend (apparently she knows what’s going on), especially since he is the 'committed' type. It’s been nearly two months of this and it’s really upsetting me. Advice? and what do you predict he will do?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Professional Unlicensed Opinion, You Can't Expect A Guy You Dumped Just To Come Back In Your Arms When You Want Him Too (Regardless How Long y'all Been Together.) When You Ended It More Than Likely You Broke His Heart & Crushed Him. If He doesn't Dump The New Girl For You Then All You Can Do Is Accept His Decision & Move On With Life. Dont Be SUPRISED If He doesn't Leave Her For You, iMean You Did Let Him Go...


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