My ex is being distant?

It's been five months since he ended our two year relationship. The beginning was explosive, at first he regretted it, then he was angry with me. We spent the second month not speaking. In the third he came to talk to me and we mutually agreed to sweep everything under the rug and be friends.

He started off friendly and still is often when we see eachother (we work together). He has hung out with me around our friends but it seems like every time I feel were taking a step forward, he realizes it and jumps backward. He clams up, not cold but submissive. He listens to what I say to him with his eyes down and goes quiet. When I bring this to his attention, he will go out of his way to speak to me at work for a day or two. It's almost like he feels close to me for a moment again, realizes it, and retreats. That's just speculation on my part. And he refuses to hang out with me alone, always answering with a "maybe" which of course means no.

I've tried talking to him, he just clams up and promises nothing is wrong. He knows I don't believe him and he also knows I still have feelings for him but I've told him I understand and am at peace with the way things are. I just can't understand what his problem is.


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  • Almost Sounds Your Tryna Spark Up The Relationship & He isn't Interested, You Can't Force A Relationship Back With Him, Either Accept Being His Friend Or Let Him Go Altogether...


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  • Maybe he isn't at peace and he is trying to figure out how to deal with being friends with his ex. I mean, you guys work together, that's already hard enough. Give him his space, don't bring everything he's doing that seems odd to you to his attention. He doesn't need that. Let him be distant, you guys aren't together anymore, he has that right. In time, maybe you guys will end up closer than ever or maybe not, but at least you can say that you tried to work with it.


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  • As exes, you really should avoid each other as much as possible. Even if you work together.


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