Have you ever got divorced?

What was it like? How did you mert and decided to get married and what reasons caused the divorce? Was it painful or were you just happy after the divorce?


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  • It was awful. There is a child involved. I divorced only because there was no choice, he was not capable of mutuality or keeping his word. Divorcing a person without integrity is awful as well. If he could keep agreements we would not have divorced.

    Nevertheless. as painful as it was, I wish I had had the guts to do it sooner. I have a wonderful boyfriend now and he made me remember that I am capable of love, respect or mutual affection.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, it is horrible. We met in a bar were a couple for 3 years, got married and had 7 years of fun. Then 2 daughters who are wonderful. I took new work self employed and traveled but was always home on weekends. We had a spectacular standard of living. Mid Life Crisis for her, meets another guy and destroys everything after 30 years married. I don't recognize this person any more.
    Lawyers tell lies and fleece me financially. It's too expensive to fight them.
    My daughters (now adults) and I try to make new lives for ourselves in different countries. Very traumatic for extended family and more for my daughters. Now 4 years since I left I am happier with myself, still alone but happy that I am away from poisonous people. Broke but happy One day all will come good again.
    My ex-wife is never happy, then or now. Admits it was all a mistake.

    • But nothing brings past back right?

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    • Now I did much research and I am writing a book about preparing for a good relationship. It is best to prepare and understand than to go into it blind (as we all do).
      Almost all books are about fixing broken relationships, but there is only one I know about preparing before. I hope I can produce something that works.

    • Hope so :)

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