What she said to me two years ago was mean but really made me think?

When we broke up she said,

"No wonder your 30, can't hold onto
A job, can't hold onto a woman, can't pass the NCCT, still living at home."

It was mean but really was kind of true. For two years I've been trying to improve myself.
One of my goals was to keep a
Job for a year and I've almost been there two years working with developmental disabled children and Adults.
I've learned and I am continuing to learn to live independently and also care more.
I still have a lot to learn.
I just really miss my ex. I love her a lot!
We started talking again awhile back but now things have kind of drifted again.
I have to figure a way to
Be the most amazing man in the world!
What can I do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • First Off, Dont Just Change For Her, You Have To Make This Change For YOURSELF. What She May Of Said Was True But At The Same Time You Dont Have To Prove Anything To Her, There Is Nothing Wrong With Improving Yourself But Make Sure You Do It For Yourself...


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