I just had to end I really good relationship. :'( need some help?

I just had to end a really great relationship for some dumb reasons. I know that I won't be able to get back together with him for a while. My question is what do I do?


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  • if you know you can't get back with him fosho then realize that and do what you must to move on with your life.

    • I'm just not sure how to move forward.

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  • Can you explain what the reasons were and how your relationship was? Maybe they were not so dumb, or maybe the relationship was not so deep.

    • Mostly it was one of my friends that didn't want us together. And waited till there was a way to make us break up. The relationship was pretty much perfect other than the age difference between us

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    • She pretty much had it to weather we break up or he would of gone to jail

    • Oh, ok, so it's more complex than just breaking up. Well.. if you already broke up, then all you can do is move on. If there's no way of going back, then there's no reason to look back, you'll just hurt.

  • If you know you won't be able to get back together I suggest learn from your mistake and move on.


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