How am I supposed to act towards my ex?

In the beginning of summer my boyfriend of three and a half years broke up with me, I went a little crazy at first - but come on, that's a little expected when the girl never saw the breakup coming and after three years you don't really think about the breaking up thing anymore. Anyway, we haven't talked all summer and while we aren't fighting I'm sure he has a lot of anger towards me just like I do towards him (we did agree to remain friends, or at least be friendly). I now have to see him as we share the same group of friends and he will come to my school to see them during our lunch hour. What the Hell do I do? I don't know if I should ignore him and risk seeming rude, or be nice and talk to him. I do want a friendship with him down the road, it's just right now it's still awkward and weird, especially because I started dating someone new (not a rebound) and he doesn't know yet, I just don't want him to think that I'm purposely shoving it in his face that I've moved on. I really have no idea how I'm supposed to treat him since I'm still angry and don't even want to see him. :/


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  • There's not one way of being good or bad around these situations. Trust me, there's no "one way you should treat him". I would just advice you to try to stay away from him so it doesn't get confusing, you did spend a long time with him, and he did just break up with you so it might still affect you.

    • Well I'm avoiding him as much as possible, because I know being around each other too soon will only cause a whole bunch of drama that there is no need for. I guess my best bet is just to 'half acknowledge' him, not seek out conversations with him but being polite when he does talk to me.

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    • I figure that conversations a while down the road, I'm friends with other ex's and the best way I've found is that once both of us have moved on to other people then it becomes more of a joke how we dated.

    • agreed, but be watchful of not saying or receiving hurtful stuff. sometimes an innocent joke turns bad because it's the wrong time to make it, know what I mean?

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  • You ignore him and go on about your life as if he doesn't exist.

  • Assuming you are in college right? Is there somewhere else you can hang out on the days he visits? Or maybe you can hang out with another group when he is there? That way you can just avoid him and not have to deal with the awkwardness?

    • High school, though we're both collage age (19, 20). I don't have any other friends than the group we have otherwise I really would, and our lunch ours are spent outside in the smoking area which we can't smoke anywhere else or we (literally) will be arrested.

    • How are you in high school at 20 years old? What country are you in that you can smoke on school grounds?

    • I'm 19 - he's 20. and because I dropped out when I was 16 (dumb move on my part). I live in Canada and we don't smoke on school grounds, but we have a set smoking that the town has designated to us since a lot of the people who smoke in my school like to destroy things, so all of us get the repercussions that if we leave that area to smoke somewhere else we are arrested on the spot. :/

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