Am I his security blanket, friend, or does he still like me?

My ex and I broke up over a year ago because I didn't think he really wanted to be with me. We broke up and both started seeing other people but never became official with those people. He kept trying to get me to talk to him and 6 months later i finally was in a good place and could. He told my best friend he wanted me back. We hung out several times and 4 months later I found out he was still hooking up with that other girl so I talked to her. turns out he was also trying to date her. So I moved on and am now starting to see someone else. My ex however decided he was going to hangout with this new guy and now they're best friends. now my ex blows up my phone and asks me to the movies or to hangout with his friends. I really did love this man before and I don't know what his intentions are. I blocked him on my phone, telling him sorry it's weird you're hanging out with my new boyfriend so I don't want to be texting him daily, so he tried to re add me on Facebook. I don't understand if he doesn't want to be with me why does he need to be my friend so bad? Am I just here as a security blanket?


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  • "He told my best friend that he wanted me back. We hung out several times and four months later I found out he was still hooking up with that other girl, so I talk to her, turns out he was trying to date her." Really, her, a credible source in this matter? I doubt it.

    Nevertheless, given the reason you broke up with him, thereupon, he had limited trust in you. As such, he was unwilling to give up seeing anyone until you utterly agreed to be exclusive with him. Therefor, I ask, after months of attempting to convince you to come back, did he make any headway? Did you express interest in reuniting with him, or?

    And, yes, of course, he currently wants you back. Thus, he has strategically and cleverly positioned himself to sabotage your relationship with your new guy. I mean, think about for a second, if he is besties with your new guy, monitoring your movements becomes easier. Also, it gives him an excuse to interact with you, and see you.

    The guy has it bad.

    • He knew I wanted to get back together, all our mutual friends knew. They also knew he was still seeing this other girl. He told me he couldn't forget everything and he told me to move on. Then I did. Then he told me he wanted to take it slow. Then we tried, that's when I found out about the other girl. He said he just didn't see us working out. (He was really hurt in his past so maybe I made him worry it was going to happen again) So why would I keep trying if he only has proved I was right, I wasn't enough for him. I wasn't what he wanted. I finally moved on AGAIN and he starts texting me daily again. That's why I'm so confused as to why he needs to text me everyday and goto the trampoline park and stuff with my new boyfriend lol

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    • So second string=security blanket lol thanks for your help! I really appreciate hearing from a guys perspective.

    • Or, it could be case of the saying," you never know what you have until it's gone."

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  • Well, YOU broke up with him. Maybe he wants you back.

    • Yeah but when I thought we were about to get back together, when he told me he wanted to take things slow, he was also trying to date another girl.

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    • Lol I get what you're saying but I broke up with him also because he had a weird relationship with his female best friend. She slept in his bed in just her underwear and he didn't understand why I got upset about it. She would also sit on his lap as we were hanging out.

    • Well now see if you had mentioned that BEFORE, that changes everything. If he was having this weird relationship with his other girl and it made you uncomfortable, then yes you have every right to break up with him. Just be careful he doesn't repeat the same thing if you DO get back with him.

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